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Wastewater characteristics in textile finishing mills
Autori: Irina-Isabella Savin, Romen Butnaru
Data aparitiei: November/December 2008
Revista: Environmental Engineering and Management JournalVol. 7Nr. 6
ISSN: 1843 - 3707
Pret: Gratuit    
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The aim of this paper was to accurately analyze the sources of water pollution and loading concentrations in textile finishing mills. A process data collection was performed and integrated with a characterization of the process effluents in terms of treatability and reusability. In order to evaluate properly the wastewater loading, an analysis course was set. The samples have been gathered for two months; instantaneous samples (PI) were drawn from the wastewater, as well as from the painting baths, at the time of the overflow. Based on several daily average values, a general average (PG) has obtained. The experimental data were statistically analyzed and the average values of the investigated parameters for each collecting point corresponding to the sectors of the finishing section were assessed.


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