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Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, Vol. 7 Nr. 6

Data aparitiei: November/December 2008
Revista: Environmental Engineering and Management JournalVol. 7Nr. 6
ISSN: 1843 - 3707
Pret: Gratuit    
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? Composite membranes with cross-linked matrimid selective layer for gas separation
? Determination of organic compounds from different types of coffee by Hplc and Gc-Ecd analysis
? An integrated assessment of the suitability of domestic solar still as a viable safe water technology for India
? Investigations on the possibility of natural hemp fibers use for Zn(II) ions removal from wastewaters
? Removal of acid red 398 dye from aqueous solutions by coagulation/flocculation process
? Effect of vanadium replacement by zirconium on the electrochemical behavior of Ti6Al4V alloy in Ringer´s solution
? Studies on equipment corrosion in catalytic reformation of C1 - C5 fraction
? Studies regarding surface water treatment using a microfiltration-ultrafiltration pilot plant
? Management of waste in rural areas of Gorj county, Romania
? Implementing a sea pollution and safety management system in the navigation companies
? Groundwater contamination from waste storage works
? Modelling chlorine decay in drinking water mains
? Migration and fate of persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere - A modelling approach
? Earth oil extraction - major environmental pollution source
? Identification, communication and management of risks relating to drinking water pollution in Bihor county
? Environmental engineering education in Iran: needs, problems and solutions
? The Gorgon method as a tool in sustainable behavior and development
? Establishing the acceptable risk level in occupational accidents and diseases based on a formal analysis
? Quantification of environmental impact and risk induced by industrial activities on ground water quality: Case study Cordun - Roman area, Romania
? Determination of major and minor elements in milk through ICP-AES
? Equations for alluvial soil storage coefficients
? Overview of ex situ decontamination techniques for soil cleanup
? Studies on the influence of irrigation on a calcic chernozem in the eastern region of Romania
? Environmental issues from an economic perspective
? Quality analysis of the soils in the Cordun metallurgical platform area
? Wastewater characteristics in textile finishing mills


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